Stammered Songbook, de vertaling van Gestameld liedboek van Erwin Mortier, wordt door Eileen Battersby gerekend tot de beste non-fictie van 2015. In The Irish Times krijgt Mortier veel lof toegezwaaid:

Although he is a celebrated novelist, nothing else that I have read by this Dutch-language Belgian writer compares to it. The writing is simply extraordinary: exact, tender and very real in describing the disintegration of the forthright woman he once knew.

Bij de (veel langere) lijst fictie noemt Battersby These Are the Names van Tommy Wieringa, de vertaling van Dit zijn de namen: ‘Dutch writer Wieringa’s finest work to date is witty, profound and topical.’

Ook Gerbrand Bakker oogst met June veel terechte lof:

Bakker’s extraordinary novel, which surpasses even his IMPAC-winning The Twin, is about memory at its most random and impressionistic. Its genius lies in his feel for ordinary detail.