De Bodleian bibliotheek wil het beroemde boek The first folio van William Shakespeare (1564-1616) gaan digitaliseren. Daarvoor probeert ze 20.000 pond aan fondsen te werven. The first folio is de enige reden dat de werken als The Tempest bekend zijn geworden. The first folio is vlak na de dood van Shakespeare verschenen, maar was niet altijd in het bezit van de bibliotheek:

In 1664 the library got the much smarter Third Folio, and a few years later sold off the First as a duplicate. It would pass through many hands until one day in 1905 a man walked in with the book in a bag, and asked what they thought of it.

A brilliant young librarian recognised the Bodleian library binding and the scars of the chains: it cost them £3,000, also raised by a public appeal, to get the book back. Since then it has scarcely been opened, and has spent almost all its time locked in a strong room.