De International Dublin Literary Award 2017 is toegekend aan A General Theory of Oblivion van José Eduardo Agualusa (vertaald uit het Portugees door Daniel Hahn). Het winnende boek werd gekozen uit 147 titels genomineerd door bibliotheken uit 40 landen. De winnaar krijgt €75,000. De vertaler €25,000.

De jury over A general theory of Oblivion:

Embedded within a convincing fiction of its own, the novel basks in the joy of slow storytelling. Poets are swallowed up by the earth, lovers separated and reunited, men killed and resurrected, the rich become poor and the poor become millionaires. The author enjoys teasing us with revelations we could never have seen coming, and as he does so his characters flesh out and take on unforeseen dimensions. There are no simple judgements here – just as Ludo moves from outright racism to love of Luanda and her neighbours, so a mercenary finds a family and a torturer finds morals. Each shift arranges the novel’s reality anew.

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