Maryse Condé (1937, Guadeloupe) heeft de alternatieve Nobelprijs voor Literatuur gekregen. De prijs is een initiatief van bibliothecarissen en is een reactie op het niet uiteiken van de Nobelprijs voor Literatuur.

Condé over de prijs:

I am very happy and proud to be awarded this prize. But allow me to share it with my family, my friends and, above all, with the Guadeloupean people who will be so thrilled and touched by seeing me receive this award.

De jury over toekenning:

Maryse Condé is a grand storyteller. Her authorship belongs to world literature. In her work, she describes the ravages of colonialism and the postcolonial chaos in a language which is both precise and overwhelming. The magic, the dream and the terror is, as also love, constantly present. Fiction and reality overlap each other and people live as much in an imagined world with long and complicated traditions, as the ongoing present. Respectfully and with humour, she narrates the postcolonial insanity, disruption and abuse, but also human solidarity and warmth The dead live in her stories closely to the living in a multitudinous world where gender, race and class are constantly turned over in new constellations.

Afbeelding: Screenshot van de uitreiking die hier is terug te kijken.